Into the "REAL WORLD!"

Pssssst, guess what?


By the way, that's me with the dino cap. I'M FAMOUS! For the first time in I don't know how long, I have the option to do what I want in life. What an incredibly liberating feeling! It's also remotely terrifying. I'm currently attempting to set up our dining room into a pseudo-studio, and I'm beginning my quest on discovering how to merge art and animals and make that my life. I've found some incredibly inspirational character designers located in California by the name of David Coleman and Joe Weatherly. I am going to order a couple of their books/DVDs and study on my own time. My lease is up in the fall, then it's off to who knows where for me. Grad school? Maybe so. California? Maybe so. Time will tell.

Anyways, back to the art. I have a whole mess of things to post here, but let's get down to what the people really want.. the nudes. *wink*

This is a digital painting done in my fall 2010 Figure Drawing III class over the course of a few sessions. I was at last allowed to experiment with digital! No more charcoal hands, woohoo! Alas, it is over now, but I was pretty pleased with the result. There are still some spots I plan on touching up, but without having this particular model on hand, I no longer have the luxury of adding in accurate/fine detail.

I'll be adding some new stuff soon, my last semester was sort of a slow time for art as I was prepping for graduation and my soul was slowly dying during my senior seminar class, but I made it! Happy New Year to everyone, I am excited to see what it will bring my way.


Shanti Knight said...

I love it, Keri! Congratulations. I hope I get to see you soon!!!!

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