Welcome to the Land of Ooo

Since Christmas is over I can finally share this! I have been working on a surprise piece for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, so naturally it was top secret until he got to peeps it first. We are both huge fans of the animated series Adventure Time, which airs on Cartoon Network. I thought it would be fun to Adventure Time-ify us and our animal companions.

This was my first experience in Illustrator using the Blob Brush tool. It's the tool I've been begging the Adobe Gods to create for several years now. Imagine the pen tool, but way more organic and natural feeling to use. I'm used to sketching and painting most of my lines, and while the pen tool gave me crisp and clean line work, it just felt clunky and mechanical to me. Needless to say, I will be experimenting a lot more with this in the future.

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