The Daily Zoo

I was on Amazon the other night browsing the endless pages of books I wish to buy but do not have the cash to purchase, nor space to store them. From time to time I come across a book that I absolutely must have. I experienced this very phenomenon the other night, and I watch the resident moths fly out of my wallet as I cracked it open to place my order. A few days later I found myself yanking the door off of my mailbox to reveal my new copy of "The Daily Zoo", by Chris Ayers. Chris is a concept artist residing in California. Not only is he an incredible artist, he is a cancer survivor. Chris was diagnosed with leukemia on April Fool's Day in 2005. One year following his diagnosis and fortunately his recovery, he embarked on a sketch journey that stretched over the course of on year. The creation of this book provided Chris the opportunity to push his imagination to the limits and celebrate each new day of good health.

This book is visual candy. Page after page is overflowing with beautifully rendered sketches, caricatures, and doodles. Much like Chris, I too have an affinity for both animals and art. This book pays tribute to his own fascination with the animal kingdom and luckily, after a random online purchase, I am lucky enough to view it. "The Daily Zoo" also boasts the lesson that life is short and you should do what you love and feed your soul. You never know what life will throw your way, so make the best of every situation and enrich your life with all the things you love most. I highly recommend this book as a source of inspiration for any artist. It is also quite inspirational to read about his fight against cancer. The perseverance and optimism he maintained throughout is admirable to say the least.

If you purchase Chris' book, not only will you receive 160 pages of delicious artwork, a portion of the proceeds go to support cancer-related charities and research. A win/win situation!

My cat checking out the centerfold.

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